Sunday, 28 June 2015

FAIL blog !

Sorry I didn't manage to write a blog last weekend. I didn't have much to report as we had family to stay all weekend so no painting for me!
Last time I said I would update you on the dressing table and bathroom cabinet. I also wondered if I would be able to resist buying any more furniture.......FAIL!!
I found a fantastic listing on eBay but the guy was selling about 7 pieces of furniture and I certainly wouldn't have been able to fit them in the house! I messaged him and managed to get him to sell me my two favourites ;)

They are from a well known manufacturer, LEBUS, and I just love that all this retro furniture is back in style!

I now have a few of these retro pieces to paint, but I have been concentrating on getting more stuff finished off ready for listing on eBay. I am also thinking of trying to sell on Gumtree. Will let you now how that goes.
So the first thing to get finished was the Greek Blue nautical themed bathroom cabinet. I didnt like the original boring pine knob so went online and found this gorgeous sea shell encrusted one. Yes, they are real tiny sea shells!!!

I lightly distressed the cabinet and gave it a couple of coats of clear wax.

Buffed to a lovely soft sheen then added the special handle. It is listed for sale now on eBay.

The dressing table has taken me ages to do, and is still not finished! I distressed and waxed all the drawers and the mirror. The new curved masking tape worked a treat :)

It peeled off really cleanly and saved me so much time! I managed to get a couple of coats on the main piece, but I think it will need a third coat so will do that midweek

Two coats of custom mixed pale yellow Annie Sloan chalk paint.

 I spent some time cleaning the handles, but quite like the old look so decided not to use any rub 'n buff or paint on them.

I will hopefuly get the dressing table finished and photographed through the week, and I will let you see the finished item in the next blog. I am really excited to see it myself!!
Today, in fact 5 minutes ago, I bought this nice little cabinet on ebay for a colleague at work. She is looking for storage for her bathroom and we think this will be perfect. We will discuss colours at work through the week ;)

Bought myself a great little piece of kit on Amazon this week. A stencil cutter ! The fine tip heats up and melts the stencil sheet. Now I can make my own custom stencils which will save me a lot of money, and you know how much I love stencilling!!

Remember the clock coffee table? Well I wasn't happy with the colour of the legs, so I have painted over the Old White with Paris Grey, and distressed with fine sandpaper to make it look old.

I have also finished off with some dark wax on top of the clear for an aged, shabby chic finish. I really like it now, and if I had room I would keep this one !

 You may have noticed in a lot of my furniture pics that my little assistant Ted features quite a lot. he is just so cute and I am sure he helps to sell my work :) I have decided to order some new quirky business cards from a brilliant new company called Moo.

Its around £13 for 100 of these mini cards (half the size of a normal business card, and you can have a different custom picture on each card for no extra charge!! Ted is going to feature on these and I wil let you see when they arrive ;)  Use this link to get 10% off !

Right, it is now very late so I am off to bed. Have a great week!!


  1. Nice!

    We use Moo for all of our business cards too. They're the best!

    1. Ordering some mini cards, they have a great website, so much better than Vistaprint !